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Willie Harrell is excited to bring our world renowned dog training to Las Vegas!

Willie is a 10 year US Air Force K9 Veteran, which  includes being the Head Trainer, Kennel Master, and military working dog supervisor for dual purpose K9s. Willie also served as an instructor for K2 Solutions, where his role was being the subject matter expert on training US Marines on deploying military working dogs overseas.

Willie has a total of 13 years experience of training dogs for the US Military, government contractors, and pet training.

Willie was also selected to be the head trainer at Pet Smart and his role was to train all newly hired trainers in Charlotte, NC.

In addition, Willie is also a certified HME (homemade explosives) master trainer/supervisor for military working dogs.

Willie is excited to share his wealth of dog experience with the everyone in the Henderson and Las Vegas areas!

If you are not familiar with our training system, we would highly encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel, here you can see over 700 dogs that we have trained.  You will see everything from 6lb Chihuahuas to 150lb Great Danes (and everything in-between). That is why our motto is “Any Size, Any Age, Any Breed.”

Whether you just want a dog that can be off leash and respond with military/police precision, or you have specific behavioral issues that you want addressed, Off Leash K9 Training Las Vegas will help!

Come see for yourself why the top athletes and celebrities choose Off Leash K9 Training, Las Vegas for their dog training needs.

Email or call Willie at vegas@offleashk9training.com or 702-588-4331 for more information.

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